From the Playroom

  • What's Your The Lube Recipe?

    Your lube mixture is a personal thing, every pig has a preferred way to mix The Lube for play. Some like The Lube thinner, others thicker, and some of you more creative pigs add things like Crisco, clove oil, and/or lidocaine.  We’ve heard (and used!) it all.
  • Guide to Fisting – Bottom Edition

    So, you want to take a fist.  You, like thousands of other pigs, are longing to feel the stretch of a paw in your hole.  We get it!  Understand, this isn’t like taking a dick, you are going to have to work up to your first fist and while it will take some time, trust us, it’ll be worth it. 
  • The Clean-OUT

    Cleaning out, let's be honest, its probably the worst part of playing.  We have all been there, prepping to bottom for fisting, fucking or toy play and worried about our clean.  We here at FFäusten wanted to share a couple of insights about making sure your clean out is as good as possible.