What's Your The Lube Recipe?

Your lube mixture is a personal thing, every pig has a preferred way to mix The Lube for play. Some like The Lube thinner, others thicker, and some of you more creative pigs add things like Crisco, clove oil, and/or lidocaine.  We’ve heard (and used!) it all. While we formulated The Lube to be awesome just mixed with water - it’s super slick, soft, and sexy - we wanna hear about your preferred mixture of The Lube and what you might mix in. Use the comments section below to share your own personal formula.  



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  • Jlube sprinkled in the hand and mixed with a little of Daddy’s fresh piss. Simple, cheap and quick and works great for us.

  • I use 15 Oz cold water, 1 pkt FFÄUSTEN lube, 2 T Aspercreme with lidocaine, 2 T Hydrocortisone creme, 10 drops clove oil, 10-20 drops CBD tincture. Sometimes I also add 2 T Elbow grease, but that needs to be whisked in to the cold water thoroughly before anything else and if I use Elbow Grease I need to add a little more water at the end and shake until I get the consistency I like. I’ve found it is usually easier to just start play with elbow grease and then switch to my FFäusten lube mix.

    Paul HotBudjd @Hjdffbb

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