The Clean-OUT

Cleaning out, let's be honest, its probably the worst part of playing.  We have all been there, prepping to bottom for fisting, fucking or toy play and worried about our clean.  We here at FFäusten wanted to share a couple of insights about making sure your clean out is as good as possible.  


Cleaning out isn't just about the day of play.  You can't head out to an all you can eat buffet the night before a playdate and not have a bad clean-out.  First Tip:  If you have a playdate coming up, be mindful of your food intake the 24 hours before and leading up to your playtime.  Definitely not saying don't eat, just be mindful of your food intake.


Fiber supplements such as Metamucil are great to use on a regular basis.  It helps keep things moving down there and is a good first layer for cleaning out.  It will consistently keep your body processing thru the waste.  


Ah, The Douche.  Yes, you will have a love/hate relationship with it, but unfortunately, its necessary.  While it will takes time to do it properly, taking your time is so important, don’t try to rush your clean.  Give yourself an hour to an hour and a half.  There are many ways to clean out from bulbs, pre-filled enema bottles (not recommended), or a shower shot (BEST OPTION).  Depending upon what you will be engaging in can depend on the clean.  Use The Lube on your hole during your clean, it’ll save wear and tear down there.  Also, throw some tunes on, it'll keep you entertained during the process. 

Bulb and Enema Bottles:  What's great about these, they have a finite amount of water, so there is little chance of over filling the rectum.  Altho, these methods will take longer and you'll have to keep refilling the bulb/bottle.  Both are good for fucking and toy play (depending on the size of your toys).  You can use this method for fisting, but, it's gonna take some time.

  • First:  Lay on your back on the floor, ass up and insert the bulb/bottle.  Use some The Lube on your hole to ease insertion.  Fill yourself with water from the bulb/bottle and hold it a little while (10-15 seconds) and then release the water and waste in the toilet.  Repeat this several times until the water comes out clear, using warm water as you refill the bulb/bottle.
  • Second:  Sit on the toilet for a couple minutes to flush out water that might have worked its way up to the sigmoid colon (past your second hole).  Taking a couple minutes is key to get that water out and prevent ass juice later while playing.  Relax and think about the fun you are about to have.  Additionally, you can also lube up and try inserting a toy in your hole to help move any remaining water out.  Regardless, STOP cleaning for a while, do something else for 20-30 minutes.  Let things settle.  This doesn't seem like a big thing, but if you keep forcing water in, you can get waste farther up the colon moving and this will just extend your clean time.
  • Third:  After your break, head back for another try.  If it comes out clear, then you are good.  If not, repeat the previous steps.  Remember, don’t use too much water in a single clean-out, you'll just be forcing water farther up and can start releasing more waste and ultimately extending your clean.  Once the water comes out clear, sit on the toilet again for a couple minutes.  You can try the toy method again, ensuring you get that water out (and get your hole ready).  

      Shower Shot:  This really is the best way to clean out for fisting, toy play and fucking.  Make sure you have some time.  As there will be a steady stream, you need to focus more on the amount of water you inject into your rectum.  For fisting, you will want to give yourself at least an hour to clean out.  It may seem extreme, but taking the proper amount of time will help ensure you don’t have an incident during play. 

      • First:  Fill the rectum with water, counting 5-6 seconds, hold a moment and release.  We recommend starting with the first clean expelling the water and waste into the toilet and then you can spend the rest of the time cleaning in the tub/shower.  As a good portion of the waste comes out in the first pass, there hopefully won't be as much in the tub/shower.  You will also find that removing the drain stopper in your tub/shower will help expedite cleaning.  Most just unscrew. Continue to inject the water in several more times, until it comes out clear. 
      • Second:  Sit on the toilet for 3-5 minutes to get out any excess water.  You can try the toy process from above as well.  Then go do something for 20-30 minutes, maybe set up for your playtime if hosting, watch TV, read a book, mix a batch of The Lube, main point being: you aren’t cleaning for a bit and are letting things settle.
      • Third:  After your break, head back for another try.  If it comes out clear, then you are good.  If not, repeat the previous steps.  Remember, don’t use too much water in a single clean-out, you'll just be forcing water farther up and can start releasing more waste and ultimately extending your clean.  Once the water comes out clear, sit on the toilet again for a couple minutes.  You can try the toy method again, ensuring you get that water out (and get your hole ready).  


      We recommend that you always do one more quick check before playing to ensure that nothing has shifted in the time from the last clean to actual playtime.  It’ll also help calm you down mentally.


      Tops: Do your bottom buddy a favor, after you get your fist, dick or toy in there, pull out and let them know if they are still clean.  Bottoms:  Ask the Top to pull out and let you know if you are still clean.  It’ll make playtime better for everyone involved and if its not clean, don’t make a big deal out of it.  This happens to everyone.  Let the bottom know and they can correct the situation.  Once he is good, you can get back to playing.  Nothing worse than shaming someone for not being 100% clean, it has happened to us all.

      Bottom Line for The Clean-Out: 

      1. Give yourself enough time 
      2. Don’t use excessive amounts of water
      3. Ensure all the water comes out, sit on the toilet a couple minutes after each clean out session to remove excess water, also you can use The Lube and a toy
      4. Take breaks in between from cleaning to let things settle
      5. Check your clean again just before play

       In the end, you will have a nice clean hole ready to be destroyed by a fist, toy or cock.

      What happens if my hole becomes sensitive from cleaning out?  This happens from time to time.  We have had a bad clean out which leaves our holes irritated and makes fisting, fucking or toy play unenjoyable.  We at FFäusten are not medical experts.  With that understood, this is what we use to calm our holes. We suggest using an ice cube.  This can help calm things down and help make playtime more enjoyable.

      Above ALL, have FFUN!  

      Leave any comments about how you Clean-Out below!


      This blog does not provide medical advice, it is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on our site. If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or dial 911.


      • Salut j’ai ne James ensei le fisting quelle qu’en vous enseyer avec moi?

      • It has taken a long time for myself to perfect the clean-out and have unfortunately had a couple very minor “incidents” during play, typically within the first 5 minutes. And as if my own horror and embarrassement wasn’t enough, the top guy in a couple of the situations had zero ability to put himself in my position and as such made no attempt to help me feel better about it.
        But, thanks to some research, some advice from other more experienced fellas I have found what works and allows me to use some pretty long depth play toys(18 inches is my shortest depth dildo), for a good 12 hours or more with confidence knowing I will be clean every time I pull something out of me.
        I usually spend around 2 hours or more doing a clean including the time spent allowing the water to stay inside me, and I use a shower hose attachment that I added a long medical grade hose to that I can insert fully, approx 12-18 inches in depth. I run the water at a constant flow allowing it to build in volume briefly and then release it, repeating that for somewhere around 10 minutes or so before taking a break and repeating the process until everything flows clear.
        The best tip I can give aside from how to clean is to use a dildo long enough to clear your inner ring and thin enough to be inserted easily in order to release the water(and possibly more waste) once you think you are finished and ready to play. This will let you know with complete certainty whether or not you are ready to play, and ultimately give you confidence. Which makes for so much of a better time, knowing the other guy could go as deep as you want him too.

      • I bought a colonic flexible hose 16”, that fits onto the standard hand shower hose. Online bought a 90 inch hand shower hose. My toilet in the clean out bathroom is near the free standing shower, so the hose easily drapes over so i can sit on the toilet, with hose inserted…I agree slow water in…I work on releasing and enjoying my gut opening slowly to the pressure of more water, and work control over it being released…getting used to the gut expanding and relaxing as i will when the top(s) arrive…I take a couple fiber pills twice a day which creates easy slides..I do clean the entire 16” hose depth +gut expansion for serious depth play, cause i like forearms and dislike having to re rinse. It takes longer, but worth it..give it rest time, walk your dogs..notice your dog shits within 2 blocks of home? If there is anything else in the chamber, be like your dog and empty, final rinse..pre lube and insert your starter butt plug…Njoy…

      • I have a yoga ball (swiss ball) for exercise and use as a chair. I find it helpful to spend time bouncing up and down / doing ab exercises helps to make sure all the pockets of water find their way out.

        I also use psyllium husk powder – best to buy in bulk rather than in tablet form as it is cheaper and does the same job. Just make sure you don’t use too much and drink lots of water.

        I also agree with the comments about taking time – nothing worse than a rushed job.

      • good, good information……solad.


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