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About Us

Welcome!   We appreciate you taking the time to learn a bit more about FFäusten!   We are a high-end kink/fetish lifestyle brand focused on developing innovative products for our fisting community.  FFäusten is the result of two friends and ffisters, Chris and Rick, who looked at how we play and knew it could be more enjoyable and hot with products developed specifically for fisting.  It was out of our desire to serve our community that we started FFäusten (‘to fist’ in German). 

So, what makes us different, besides our cool name?  It’s all about the product! Everything we have developed meets the unmet needs of our community and is solely focused on making your fisting experience the best it can be.  We are just starting the journey, and our goal is to continually bring new products to market.  The focus: expanding your playtime enjoyment while using awesome and cool products.  We are excited about what’s to come and happy to have you along for the ride! 

Yours in FFun, 

Chris and Rick